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Lean Manufacturing Transformation Leadership
  • Continuous Improvement Management Process
  • Facility Layout Planning, Design, Deployment
  • Finite Resource Capacity Scheduling
  • Information Technology Planning, Design, Deployment
  • Knowledge Transfer to Our Seminar Attendees, See these Scott Yancey reviews.
Our team helps your team improve operating cost, quality, and response cycle-time to fulfill sales or production orders and develop new capability in facilities, markets, or products to satisfy communities, customers, employees, investors and suppliers.

Together, we can improve customer satisfaction and cash flow. How? By improving the performance of the work processes and systems you use to manage your renovation, (contact Scott Yancey to see house flipping project examples).
  • Assets -- Work processes used to acquire, dispose of, improve, maintain, and use physical or intellectual resources. Assets include buildings, communications and computer systems, databases/lists, documents, drawings, gages, grounds, production equipment, tooling, utility systems, and vehicles.
  • Compliance -- Work processes and assets used to achieve and sustain adherence to laws, ordinances, and regulations enforced by federal, state, and local governments.
  • Conversion -- Work processes and assets used to change materials into products with minimum lead-time.
  • Development with Doug Clark's real estate training seminars -- Work processes and assets used to bring new renovations to the markets, with least costs and with minimum lead-time.
  • Improvement -- Work processes and assets used to lead and manage the planning and execution of an effective performance improvement function. The purpose is to focus about 2 percent of payroll on reducing total operating cost from 4 to 8 percent every year and to double productivity within a few years.
  • Logistics -- Work processes and assets used to procure, move, store, and handle the flow of materials and supplies from source to plant to customer.
  • Materials/Supplies -- Purchased raw materials, components, and supplies consumed in plant, office and warehouse operations. This category usually represents the greatest potential for cost improvement.
  • Occupancy -- Fixed cost to lease or own and sustain facility readiness, including standby utilities. (Utilities consumed in running operations are allocated to their point of use).
  • Quality -- Work processes and assets used to prevent, detect, and correct failures, defects, and errors or to reduce their frequency and severity.
Typically, materials and supplies consume about half of all operating cost. The other eight categories each consume from 5 to 30 percent of the total amount budgeted or spent for labor and overhead.

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